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             Steve Noble is a born and raised product of Michigan. Growing up stomping around in the timber of Michigan, and throwing lines in the Great Lakes has paved the way for this passionate outdoorsman. There are three things that Steve recalls about his young hunting career that seems to have “ignited” the fire. “On one evening when I was 10 years old my Dad put a recurve bow in my hand, one wooden arrow with a field tip, and he sat me on a stump on the edge of the timber he was hunting”, on this hunt a mature doe came out and crept within 5 yards of his makeshift ground blind. “The doe spotted me, I froze, I tried so hard not to move…but every time she stomped her foot I rose about 6 inches off of my seat in fear”, recalled Steve. There was no fear of any animal being shot on that hunt, but Steve sure felt like he was hunting, and that was pretty impressionable on him. When Steve was 12 years his father introduced him to the state land of Michigan. “We hiked an hour into our location, my Dad put me up into a huge White Pine tree and told me to shoot the first buck I saw”, explained Steve. “I saw two 8 point bucks that morning, they were fighting in front of me, of course, they were WAY too far away for my PSE Spirit Flight Jr. that I had dialed into 20 yards”. Steve’s first hunt came to a close later that morning as his father approached his hunting location to pick him up. “Steve, you see anything?” asked his father as he walked the main runway to his stand. “Ya, saw two 8 point bucks fighting, but they were too far away!”, Steve replied. Steve quickly pointed out to his Dad the location where the bucks were fighting, to which Steve got his first lesson in judging yardage. “Steve, that’s only 15 yards from your tree!”, his Dad exclaimed. Lastly, as a 13-year-old boy and becoming independent as a hunter, Steve chose to go hunting on October 31 instead of the annual trick-or-treating with his brother, sister, and several other friends. On that hunt by himself, Steve harvested his first buck…and it was a good one. Steve shot an 8 point that ended up being one of the bigger bucks killed in the area that year. “It was just me, and a great, great buck”, explained Steve. “He walked out of the timber over a hundred yards away, I pulled out my grunt call and brought him on a string to 40 yards”. “We had him hung in the tree in the backyard and everybody stopped to see him, I thought that was so cool”. These experiences in addition to hundreds of other outdoor adventures has created a Monster. Steve is a passionate bowhunter that has harvested several animals that include whitetail deer, black bear, and turkey in the states of Michigan and Illinois, with multiple animals qualifying for the pope and young record books. Steve has added an element of difficulty to his outdoor adventures by capturing his hunts on film. Steve is also an avid fly fisherman in pursuit of big brown trout that inhabit the streams of Michigan.

              A unique experience that Steve has had recently was helping track the only known Wolverine to have ever been in existence in the State of Michigan. In 2004, Steve, Jeff Ford, and Jason Rosser started documenting the “Thumb Wolverine’s” existence and continued to do so for the next 6 years. This project grew tremendous local and national attention as the Discovery Channel, CNN, the Associated Press, and several other local publications and media covered the project. The whole experience is documented in a book written by Jeff Ford entitled “The Lone Wolverine”.

             Steve is a graduate of Deckerville High School in Michigan, and received his bachelors degree from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids and his masters degree from the Univeristy of Michigan. He is currently the Principal of Ubly High School. Steve is Married to his wonderful wife of almost 13 years Melissa Noble (VanSickle) and reside in Michigan’s “Thumb” with their two children , Caleb (10)(already a killer), and Isabella (8)(future Huntress).

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